Rethinking member acquisition in an evolving wellness industry


How is your wellness business attracting new members these days? You've probably noticed that a lot of the traditional, go-to strategies are just not working as well as they once were… Costs are higher, returns are lower and consumer trust in wellness advertising is declining across a number of platforms.  Socials - We...

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Retention Strategies for the New Year


It's a new year and for most people that means new beginnings, new endeavors and of course new resolutions. However, for the fitness and wellness industry, this also means that there are crazy discounts being shelled out by your competition on the daily, which may pull your most valued members away from your services.  With the ...

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Member Acquisition Costs are out of Control!

Member Acquisition Costs are out of Control!

Increased investment, competition and changes in the wellness industry are causing the demand for and cost of marketing wellness across just about every channel to skyrocket. Unfortunately, this rarely translates to a corresponding increase in valuable memberships and providers are getting squeezed at both en...

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Collaboration + Loyalty = Better Wellness Solutions for Providers and Members

Collaboration + Loyalty = Better Wellness Solutions for Providers and Members

The Fitness, Health and Wellness is historically competitive, now more than ever... But is a model based solely on competition helping or hurting both providers and consumers in the long run? Competition is great for motivating companies to create innovative and effective solutions for consumers. It encourages us to continually strive to do be...

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Get Paid for Participating - Beyond Member Acquisition


Generate Passive Recurring Revenue With Achiaro's Wellness Loyalty Platform You probably already know that you can generate new recurring revenue streams by creating and selling non-public Loyalty Rewards Memberships to members of other wellness providers as an incentive to use your brand as well. But did you know that providing your members w...

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Grow smarter with enhanced marketing and personalized offers.


We all know that reach, targeting, and conversions are key to any good growth strategy. You can have amazing reach, but if the targeting is off,  conversions will suffer. If your reach is low, but your audience and messaging is targeted, you'd probably be better served. Ideally we look to establish a huge audience consisting of highly tar...

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Using better data to grow your wellness business


How much do you REALLY know about your members? When a member signs up for your gym, studio, app, digital subscription product / wearable or other health service you are provided with some good information upfront to help you understand their wellness needs and interests. Then there are social platforms that help you target consumers based on educa...

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YES, it is possible to gain members without compromising your brands value prop...


Your wellness brand is thriving because it was built with with a passion for your members well being. Trust, guidance, support, motivation, encouragement, accomplishment, results… These are the pillars that support your brand and keep your members coming back. So, when it comes to getting new members in the door, it's important ...

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The Wellness Industry Looks to Loyalty Rewards for Improved Growth Strategies


The wellness industry is growing overall, and more people are looking to incorporate some form of fitness, mindfulness and health strategies into their lives than ever before, which is great news for everyone. But, there are a number of challenges and changes in the industry that providers need to be ready to confront now and in...

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How do I access my purchased memberships?

Access instructions will be emailed to you directly after checkout. It's always simple - either show up at your location or follow a link and enter a code. 

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Can I change my Loyalty Rewards?

Yep. Cancel or buy additional memberships anytime. You can use GymWisely to simply and easily all of your wellness memberships. 

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How does the pricing work?

Each provider sets their own pricing rules. Generally speaking, you will save between 35% and 80% on your Loyalty purchases! Pricing and terms are customized based on how much you are already doing / spending on wellness. The more you do, the more you save.

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How do I get my rewards?

Loyalty rewards can be accessed by members of our wellness partners. Select your current provider and we'll show you all of the customized offers available to you! 

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What are Loyalty Memberships?

Loyalty Memberships are exclusive, non-public memberships to top wellness providers that are only offered via Our technology customizes your Loyalty Rewards based on stuff you already do to stay healthy. 

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Who do I pay

Most of the time, payments are made through GymWisely and your access is free at your provider(s). However, in rare instances, payment will be made through a providers payment portal.

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