Using better data to grow your wellness business


How much do you REALLY know about your members?

When a member signs up for your gym, studio, app, digital subscription product / wearable or other health service you are provided with some good information upfront to help you understand their wellness needs and interests.

Then there are social platforms that help you target consumers based on educated guesses made by information gathered by their algorithms that may be stale or even wrong. For this kind of data targeting, you pay a hefty price.

So, the question is, what are you currently doing to continually understand exactly what your members are interested in? Just as important, where your new members coming from and how does your pricing, offerings and acquisition strategy stack up to the rest of the industry?

To truly understand what will attract new members, entice existing members to stay and what will drive people to make a switch, take a look at the following:

  • Current Interests: What else they are doing right now to stay healthy?
  • New Interests: What are they actively looking to add to their wellness strategy?
  • Spend / Budget: How much are they spending on ALL of their health and wellness needs? 
  • Markets: What segments of the market are your new consumers coming from? Yoga? Open Gyms? Telehealth? Nutrition?
  • Comparison: How do your services, pricing, culture, etc. compare to the rest of the industry? 

It's a lot to take in, but these insights will be more and more important as the wellness industry continues to evolve. Luckily, all of this at your fingertips... When you join Achiaro's Loyalty Rewards Program (for free) we'll provide you with information on things your members click through and purchase, where your new members are coming from and how you stack up to your market in general.

This is the best, real time info you can get at the lowest possible price point! Use it to perfect your strategy on Achiaro and beyond… Develop new pricing strategies, identify new offerings to add, reduce expenditures on fading trends, identify new target markets you never even new existed and more!

 What else do we do for your wellness brand?

  • Recurring Revenue and Memberships: Acquire new dedicated members and generate predictable recurring revenue.
  • Better Retention: Become the "hub" of your members wellness strategy.
  • Passive Revenue: Generate additional, recurring revenue from the platform outside of your loyalty sales.
  • Enhanced Marketing: Reach millions of wellness enthusiasts, target them by what they do and spend, and convert them with personalized offers.
  • Increased ROAS: Increase ROAS with our no cost to join, lowest performance based rates anywhere.
  • Brand Protection: Never cannibalize your income or members, undersell your services or miss out on a chance to maximize revenues.
  • Alternative Marketing: Diversify your marketing strategy and become less reliant on costly, underperforming platforms and strategies.
  • Collaboration + Loyalty: Provide holistic, goal oriented, routine based, healthy wellness for members AND deliver more revenue and better retention to the industry and Achiaro partners.