YES, it is possible to gain members without compromising your brands value prop...


Your wellness brand is thriving because it was built with with a passion for your members well being. Trust, guidance, support, motivation, encouragement, accomplishment, results… These are the pillars that support your brand and keep your members coming back. So, when it comes to getting new members in the door, it's important to forget about your current members or undervaluing your own awesome services. It's important to maintain the brand quality that you deliver day in and day out when it comes time to focus on marketing and member acquisition. 

Are you underselling access to new members or ignoring worthy, committed, recurring members that would love to be a part of your experience?At the extremes extremes, the two ways to think about membership acquisition are:

  • Steep Discounts for Everyone: Regularly offer steep discounts on your core memberships to everyone. 
  • No Discounts for Anyone: Never offer any discounts on memberships to anyone, letting the listed price on your core services be set in stone.

Option 1 keeps members flowing in but de-values your brand in the eyes of your new members and causes your current members to second-guess their memberships entirely. Option 2 maintains your brands integrity and value with everyone but causes you to miss out on selling memberships to dedicated wellness enthusiasts that would love to use your services routinely in addition to their "go to" provider(s).

Well, now there is a third option.

Achiaro uses Loyalty Memberships to perfectly balance your acquisition and brand strategy. Continue to sell your core services to everyone however you like. Then, for those consumers that choose to purchase services from other providers, offer them non-public loyalty memberships with special terms and pricing to use your services based on how much they are spending elsewhere. Protect your brand, grow your base, retain your members and more. 

Never undersell a membership again, never miss out on a great opportunity to bring in a new, dedicated, recurring member. Since you control loyalty membership pricing, terms AND audience, you can ensure the right memberships are offered to the right consumers every time.

  What else do you get when you join Achiaro?

  • Recurring Revenue and Memberships: Acquire new dedicated members and generate predictable recurring revenue.
  • Better Retention: Become the "hub" of your members wellness strategy.
  • Increased ROAS: Increase ROAS with our no cost to join, lowest performance based rates anywhere.
  • Enhanced Marketing: Reach millions of wellness enthusiasts, target them by what they do and spend, and convert them with personalized offers.
  • Game Changing Data: Get mind bending insights on member interests, where they are coming from and how you stack up to the market.
  • Alternative Marketing: Diversify your marketing strategy and become less reliant on costly, underperforming platforms and strategies.
  • Passive Revenue: Generate additional, recurring revenue from the platform outside of your loyalty sales.
  • Collaboration + Loyalty: Provide holistic, goal oriented, routine based, healthy wellness for members AND deliver more revenue and better retention to the industry and Achiaro partners.