Member Acquisition Costs are out of Control!

Member Acquisition Costs are out of Control!

Increased investment, competition and changes in the wellness industry are causing the demand for and cost of marketing wellness across just about every channel to skyrocket. Unfortunately, this rarely translates to a corresponding increase in valuable memberships and providers are getting squeezed at both ends as they pay more for lower returns. We can all see that the usual marketing channels are clogged, costly, complicated, and rarely promote long-term retention. Add to that the additional internal and / or external resources needed to manage these channels and it becomes obvious that new and innovative solutions are needed to keep costs down and profits up. 

That's where we can come in...

Better Membership Acquisition & Retention, Lower Cost

Achiaro offers an alternative to supplement your current membership growth and acquisition strategies with a novel new approach thats more effective, less hassle and free to use. Problem solved.

Gyms, Studios, Apps, Digital Products and other Health, Wellnesss and Fitness services use to incentivize members of other wellness services to use their services routinely. It's free to join and since we're using our own network for most of the marketing, performance based revenue share is the lowest it can possibly be! Achiaro Partners typically keep a higher percentage of their own revenue when they get members through the platform as apposed to members gained from their own initiativesWith reach that rivals socials, precision targeting and personalized offers providers receive enhanced marketing and better results at lower costs. 

Get your exclusive loyalty rewards promoted immediately when you join and reach millions of highly targeted, active wellness enthusiasts and incentivize them to add to your memberships and/or products to their existing wellness strategy. Outreach comes from sources the audience already trusts from day 1 so conversions are guaranteed to be higher than your average high cost marketing campaign. 

Our technology is built to eliminate upfront marketing fees, reduce your overall cost of membership acquistion and significantly improve your recurring membership aqcuistion rate. 

 Costs are lower, reach and conversions are higher... What else?

We're glad you asked! In addition to providing more revenue for less, this is just one of our many benefits! Check out some of the other amazing things Achiaro partners receive:

  • Recurring Revenue and Memberships: Acquire new dedicated members and generate predictable recurring revenue.
  • Better Retention: Become the "hub" of your members wellness strategy.
  • Enhanced Marketing: Reach millions of wellness enthusiasts, target them by what they do and spend, and convert them with personalized offers.
  • Game Changing Data: Get mind bending insights on member interests, where they are coming from and how you stack up to the market.
  • Alternative Marketing: Diversify your marketing strategy and become less reliant on costly, underperforming platforms and strategies.
  • Passive Revenue: Generate additional, recurring revenue from the platform outside of your loyalty sales.
  • Brand Protection: Never cannibalize your income or members, undersell your services or miss out on a chance to maximize revenues.
  • Collaboration + Loyalty: Provide holistic, goal oriented, routine based, healthy wellness for members AND deliver more revenue and better retention to the industry and Achiaro partners.