Rethinking member acquisition in an evolving wellness industry


How is your wellness business attracting new members these days? You've probably noticed that a lot of the traditional, go-to strategies are just not working as well as they once were… Costs are higher, returns are lower and consumer trust in wellness advertising is declining across a number of platforms. 

Socials - We all use new and "old" social platforms and relentlessly participate in organic posting, paid ads and influencer marketing across them all to drive membership acquisitions. While these can be great for growth sometimes, they are also getting more and more expensive to use and result in fewer and fewer dollars in return. 

Why? Competition in wellness is skyrocketing, social and influencer platforms are becoming oversaturated, algorithms change faster than you can say 'hashtag', and consumer trust in these channels is eroding daily. While abandoning socials entirely would be, well, crazy, it's definitely time to build alternative marketing channels that live and breathe without their use.

Corporate Programs - You may also be thinking about or already using corporate benefits to drive growth. With wellness on everyone's mind these days and employers looking for new ways to incentivize their current and new employees, this is an obvious win. Working with companies directly to encourage a healthier workforce can be a great boost; you can establish a large reach, get your message across from a trusted source (the employer) and do it all for little cost and effort (usually). 

The only downside here is that similar to socials, wellness in the corporate space is becoming crowded as well. There is still plenty of room for growth here, but these platforms seem to be offering more and more wellness options, which is great, but also further dilutes the return. Overall, it's a great tool to have in the box, and you should have as many quality tools in there as possible. 

Partnerships - Partnering with like-minded business to promote your wellness services is definitely a smart move. Finding the right fit can broaden your reach, targeting and conversions at very little cost. Just make sure you choose your collaborators selectively and invest energy in those that you can see being fruitful now and / or down the road. 

Apps - You can always use the popular apps out there to get people in the door or on your tech but they can be super competitive, sell your core services for low prices to everyone and can in the process, pocket a large commissions, etc.  They can also promote hopping from one discount to another and rarely lead to recurring memberships, which decreases retention for your brand and cannibalizes your income. Use these wisely as they can be a great benefit or huge killer if not properly implemented, negotiated and monitored.

Loyalty Rewards from Achiaro - is a brand new solution that addresses the best of the above strategies in a revolutionary way while eliminating or greatly reducing the negatives. We've re-thought the entire acquisition and retention process, working with industry leaders to develop an awesome, collaborative, win-win platform for Gyms, Studios and other wellness apps, products and services to grow and thrive in an any environment while delivering the healthiest, routine based, truly holistic wellness experience to members. 

The Achiaro loyalty program allows you to collaboratively sell customized memberships to a defined audience based on how much they are already doing . and spending elsewhere. These memberships are created to incentivize active wellness enthusiasts to add (not switch) more services to their existing wellness strategy. Reduce your acquisition costs, increase your reach, better target your audience, open up new markets and ultimately benefit from more revenue, better retention and new members from an untapped market.

With Covid protocols changing, competition ballooning and consumer trends constantly shifting, maximizing revenue streams from every potential member is the name of the game and that is exactly what Achiaros' technology does. 

Don't worry about costs either, as there are no upfront fees and our model allows us to keep our performance based component super low because of our crazy efficient and reliable marketing techniques and technology. We carry out extremely targeted marketing across millions of consumers, from trusted partners, who are already spending their wellness dollars elsewhere.

All in all, it is impossible to cannibalize your income or distract from your core, public-facing memberships and you can only focus on adding value. Implementation and monitoring is a breeze so you won't need an entire to department dedicated to your GymWisely strategy. We've got it covered. 

In keeping with our dedication to alternative marketing strategies, we are also launching a live Fitness, Wellness & Health CTV channel internationally right now to further boost reach and sales in new exciting ways! . 

What else can Achiaro do? 

  • Recurring Revenue and Memberships: Acquire new dedicated members and generate predictable recurring revenue.
  • Better Retention: Become the "hub" of your members wellness strategy.
  • Enhanced Marketing: Reach millions of wellness enthusiasts, target them by what they do and spend, and convert them with personalized offers.
  • Game Changing Data: Get mind bending insights on member interests, where they are coming from and how you stack up to the market.
  • Increased ROAS: Increase ROAS with our no cost to join, lowest performance based rates anywhere.
  • Passive Revenue: Generate additional, recurring revenue from the platform outside of your loyalty sales.
  • Brand Protection: Never cannibalize your income or members, undersell your services or miss out on a chance to maximize revenues.
  • Collaboration + Loyalty: Provide holistic, goal oriented, routine based, healthy wellness for members AND deliver more revenue and better retention to the industry and Achiaro partners.