What's the right fitness and mindfulness strategy for you?

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Choosing the right memberships might feel a bit overwhelming with all of the different choices you have. Especially if you're trying to do it all on your own from several sources. But that's where GymWisely makes it so much easier, here you can join several memberships all from one location.

And to make your choice of which memberships to sign up for even easier, this blog post is all about organizing these options so you can line up your health and fitness goals with memberships that matche your goals. With 4 broad goals in mind, memberships are organized for mental health, low impact with high intensity, boutique fitness, and memberships that are centered around having a trainer. 

 For the Mind


Bindupoint's primary goal is to enhance the value of life through knowledge, education, and qualities of dynamic transformation achieved through direct experiences within mindful practices in the body. Bindupoint Center for Presence will hold a multitude of diverse yoga, still and moving meditation classes, events, and workshops on the nature of the mind and the Ultimate Reality, paving the path for a deeper awareness of the inner states of yoga.

Flowhub 7

FlowCode's underlying principles, established formulas & intervention channels are providing a scientific & practical backbone for understanding what flow state is & how it works. These principles are available to anyone who wishes to boost their overall potential and live within a meaningful and fulfilling mindset, experience freedom and transcend in ways never even dreamt of. The FlowHub7 Biohack Portal allows individuals to access this information and learn how to hack into the state of flow with the guidance of FlowCode experts.


Synctuition is the ultimate program for deep relaxation, better sleep, a healthy mind, and improved overall well-being. It is important to relax in the evening to wash away your daily problems and worries, prepare your mind for sweet dreams, and keep your mind healthy and young. Synctuition uses cutting-edge audio technology to give you not only the most effective but also the most entertaining way to cleanse your mind of negative information and place you in the perfect state of mind before sleep. Every 25 minutes spent listening to Synctuition gives you the equivalent of four hours of deep meditation, acting like a spa treatment for your mind and washing away the day's stress and negativity.

 Low impact, high intensity


Rowing is a low-impact, full-body workout that complements resistance training where muscle is made, and fat is burned. The Rowgatta team has developed a high-intensity, low-impact training concept (HILIT) that pairs the two and provides users with a unique and challenging fitness experience. This method minimizes the strain on joints but engages all muscles in the body, maximizing results.


P.volve is an accessible fitness method that connects mind to muscle to help everyone look and feel their best. Their resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact movements strengthen, sculpt and energize the entire body. They aim to help you train functionally, engage mindfully and exercise progressively. The P.volve Method lets you get your sweat on without putting any strain on your joints, connects your mind to muscles for maximum results, and meets you at your current fitness ability and progressively to avoid plateaus.

305 exercise

305 exists to make fitness more inclusive, empowering, and fun. Movement is more than calorie counting or being the 'best' in the room. Movement is about radical self-love and self-expression! Nobody knows everything, together we know a lot.

 Boutique fitness


Jetsweat offers the best boutique fitness classes in the world, anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home or on-the-go — crush your workout goals with hundreds of on-demand classes from the best boutique fitness studios in every category.


FORTË revolutionized the fitness industry by providing access to avant-garde boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide. Both a technology and subscription-based streaming platform, FORTË installs hardware and software into boutique studios, which enable the classes to be streamed live to FORTË 's platform.

Joyride fitness

JoyRide Cycling + Fitness offers boutique studio classes to tone every muscle in your body while improving your state of mind! We're more than just a place to sweat. JoyRide is a supportive COMMUNITY that empowers our athletes (yeah, you!) to use the strength built inside the studio as a tool to live a BIG JOYful life.



Openfit offers both live, trainer-led classes and on-demand workouts with top fitness instructors all available on their app. With their live online classes, you are able to work with a personal trainer who will help guide you in real-time and help you get the most from your workouts in the comfort of your own home. There are dozens of live classes to choose from, including guided running and walking workouts. If you aren't interested in working with a trainer, their on-demand structured, daily workout programs can be completed in 30 minutes or less and on your own time. Openfit even provides personalized nutrition to tell you exactly what to eat to get the results you want. Losing weight shouldn't be complicated — let their experts help you get results fast.


Fitness goals are individual — with SWEAT the choice is in your hands. SWEAT and GymWisely have partnered to offer you even more proven ways to work out and focus on your health and fitness goals.

Fitness figures

Fitness Figures offers virtual personal training and classes such as Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Zumba, Stretch, Body Conditioning, and Core Strength.

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Our goal is simple. We want to deliver multiple, affordable, high-quality wellness options in a way that promotes commitment, dedication, accomplishments, motivation and continuous improvement. You have several options to do all of this, through GymWisely, whatever your specific goal.