Row, Resist and More with Rowgatta


Rowgatta provides high-intensity, low-impact classes, for wherever you are, whenever you want, and whatever equipment you have.

Real People Real Results

Rowing is a low-impact, full body workout which complements resistance training where muscle is made, and fat is burned. The Rowgatta team has developed a high-intensity, low-impact training concept (HILIT) that pairs the two and provides users with a unique and challenging fitness experience. This method minimizes the strain on joints but engages all muscles in the body, maximizing results.

Wait, I can do this from Home?

The Rowgatta team has developed an On-Demand app that offers hundreds of (HILIT) workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home. Each workout is led by certified coaches who will challenge you to meet your fitness goals but engage with you in a way that makes exercising enjoyable! Short for time? Users have the freedom to select workouts based on duration, equipment and area of focus, ensuring a custom experience for each individual.

High-intensity, low-impact training that maximizes strength and endurance gains with minimal impact on the joints.

Workouts are both accessible and effective for athletes of all skill levels.

Join your favorite coaches and select challenging workouts by equipment, area of focus, and duration.

Whether you have a rowing machine, weights or just your body, Rowgatta has the right training for you.

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Rowing + Strength
Rowing + Bodyweight
Weights Only
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