Find Your Fit with FORTË


How it Started

Since 2015, FORTË has revolutionized the fitness industry by providing access to avant-garde boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide. Both a technology and subscription based streaming platform, FORTË installs hardware and software into boutique studios, which enable the classes to be streamed live to FORTË 's platform. 

How it Works

A FORTË subscription gives you access to this curated, cutting-edge, fully immersive, social, data-driven, interactive, real time, unedited, and unparalleled fitness experience with unlimited content and classes from the most elite boutique studios and coaches around the world. FORTË's subscribers have the opportunity to experience their favorite classes live or through their on-demand library, but however or wherever you consume it, maximize your workout, smile, and have fun with it. You can stream their live and on-demand fitness classes, anytime, from anywhere (from your home, the gym, or even when traveling) directly to your TV, Phone, Tablet, or Laptop. Enjoy a huge variety of classes including Body Sculpting, Core Fusion Barre, Powerumba, Joyride Cycle, Punch, Sweat Express, Mobility, and so much more!


Stay connected with the FORTË Fam to stay motivated, challenged and inspired. Teamwork makes the dream work! Connect, sweat, and feel the energy from your favorite studios loyal tribe...


  • New York, NY
    • Beach Workouts
    • Pon de FLO
    • Studio 26
    • Pact Park
    • RIPPED Fitness
    • LAB240
    • Body Space Fitness
    • Banana Skirt Productions
    • Rise Dance Studio
    • Strong Healthy Women
    • The Farm Soho
    • Exhale
    • Flex Studios
    • TS Fitness
  • New York (Brooklyn), NY
    • Class One MMA
    • The W Loft
  • Boston, MA
    • Mystryde
  • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Centered City Yoga
  • San Antonio, TX
    • Joyride Cycling
  • Summit, NJ
    • Project Physique
  • Connecticut, CT
    • JoyX
    • Joyride Cycling
    • Club Sweat
  • Lafayette Hill, PA
    • Trubarre
  • Miami, FL
    • Powerumba

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