A One of a Kind Meditation Experience


Synctuition is the ultimate program for deep relaxation, better sleep, a healthy mind, and improved overall well-being. It is important to relax in the evening to wash away your daily problems and worries, prepare your mind for sweet dreams, and keep your mind healthy and young. Synctuition uses cutting-edge audio technology to give you not only the most effective, but also the most entertaining way to cleanse your mind of negative information and place you in the perfect state of mind before sleep. Every 25 minutes spent listening to Synctuition gives you the equivalent of four hours of deep meditation, acting like a spa treatment for your mind and washing away the day's stress and negativity.  

You'll experience the cleansing power of true, deep relaxation and feel a boost of pure happiness at the most important time of your day – just before sleep.


After 10 years of development, the Synctuition app provides the ultimate meditation experience right on your phone! By using the amazing power of 3D sound, Synctuition goes far beyond meditative relaxation providing an immersive mind travel experience that cannot be compared to any other audio mediation in the world.


All you need to do is put in your headphones, close your eyes, and listen to the relaxing 3D sound frequencies of Synctuition. The binaural sound wave immediately creates a mindset where your thoughts can freely wander and your mind can travel where it wants. 

Unlike regular music or other meditation programs on the market, Synctuition stimulates the brain and uses its natural neuroplasticity to create millions of new synapses that provide for increased creativity, enhanced intuition and better decision making. This increased brain connectivity helps to keep the brain refreshed and the mind rejuvenated. Each Synctuition listening session feels like a mental shower, washing away your problems and daily worries. Synctuition is the best audio meditation technology for complete relaxation.

Synctuition contains over 13,000 amazing and beautiful sounds recorded in breathtaking places all over the world. It represents the culmination of a massive sound recording project undertaken in over 2,000 exotic and unique locations and took 10 years to develop to completion, with over 1,500 people involved in the project. 

The magically realistic audio soundscapes achieved in Synctuition will take your mind on an incredible adventure. As you close your eyes and listen through stereo headphones, Synctuition immediately transports you to a 3-dimensional sound environment that feels absolutely real. The Synctuition mind travel experience quickly provides powerfully relaxing stress reduction through amazingly realistic recordings of nature and wildlife sounds that create a hypnotically soothing atmosphere.


The human brain uses more energy than any other part of the body relative to its size. In fact, it accounts for 20% of the entire energy used by the body at 10 times the normal rate per gram of tissue. The mind and body need to be in harmonious balance to experience the full relaxation. Health and wellness practitioners are increasingly realizing that true relaxation has its roots in the brain, and only when we are mentally relaxed and calm can the body follow suit.


Synctuition plays a special binaural sound frequency that prepares your mind for a good night's sleep. When listening before bed, Synctuition prepares the mind for a good night's sleep. The special soundwave helps to ensure a restful night that you'll feel in the morning.

Still don't believe it?... Let our customers speak for themselves!

"When Synctuition was brought to me by a friend I thought it would be just another binaural beats app I might "kinda notice". I was completely wrong and pleasantly surprised to find that Synctuition is able to transport me to a whole other world. Calms my mind, connects me to me, and creates peace and clarity. This tool has been amazing for me to use before bed. I fall asleep quickly, fall into a deep sleep, and wake up ready to conquer the day. Not only is it highly effective but extremely enjoyable.``