Dance like no one's watching with 305 Fitness!


Treat yourself with outrageously fun workouts that boost confidence and help you reach your fitness goals. Dedicated to results, fun and good people, check them out! 

 Burn an average of 500+ calories in 45 minutes and strengthen your glutes, calves, core, and upper body

No equipment necessary. Access world-class Instructors and the best DJ mixes for less than $1/day. Cancel anytime. 

New Dance cardio classes drop daily. Mix it up with our library of cardio, strength, bootcamp, and stretching content.

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Their Core Value? Inclusivity.

305 exists to make fitness more inclusive, empowering, and fun. Movement is more than calorie counting or being the 'best' in the room. Movement is about radical self-love and self-expression! Nobody knows everything, together we know a lot. 

Sample classes

Dance Cardio PWR & HIIT Stretch it Out Low Impact