Yogawakeup: a Revolutionary Way to Start Your Day

Yogawakeup: a Revolutionary Way to Start Your Day

If you're like most people, the thought of yoga first thing in the morning, let alone getting out of bed, may not be the most appealing thing. Waking up with intention setting and a light stretch in bed is the yogi way - and with the Yoga Wake Up app, which features 365+ audio-guided mindful movement sessions that can be scheduled or played on-demand, you can make yoga and meditation part of your day every day. Yoga wakeup allows users to gently start the day with bedyoga. That's right, yoga in bed. You can practice yoga from the privacy of your own home, in your pajamas, and in your bed.

Wake up with Yoga

Use Yogawakeup as your alarm, no more aggressive alarms to jolt you out of bed in the morning.  Wake up gently with some movement and meditation

Choose a Session

Choose from hundreds of sessions from ten instructors.  Change it up or stick with what works, its up to you!

Track your progress

See how far you have come since starting your practice.  

With a variety of audio-guided bedyoga on demand, or set as an alarm, you can ease into your day with some movement. The meditations are under 20 minutes, and you can listen to multiple sessions throughout the day.

If you've been too scared to try going to yoga classes, or if classes have never been convenient for you, Yogawakeup is perfect for you. They offer beginner mediations and meet you where you're at. Since you're alone, you're free from the pressure of a class. No one is watching you, you don't have to impress your instructor, and there's no way to compare yourself to others in the class. Yogawakeup is entirely about you and where you're at.

With ten teachers and hundreds of sessions, there's something for everyone! Busy schedule? Squeeze in a short session between meetings to center yourself and stay focused throughout the day.  Yogawakeup is a non-intimidating way to add yoga and meditation to your daily routine without making it an inconvenience for you and your schedule.

Premium unlimited access to our membership for one month or one year includes:

  • New recommendations daily
  • Anytime, on-demand library, 365+
  • Community insights & news
  • Mindful reminders to practice
  • Personalized program tracking

If you want to integrate yoga into your daily (or almost daily) routine, but are worried about making a commitment, fitting it into your schedule, or being a newbie, Yogawakeup is for you

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