Perfect Time for a New Fitness and Wellness Member Acquisition Strategy? GymWisely Thinks So


It goes without saying, the fitness and wellness industry is a highly competitive space, now more than ever. But does it need to be? Is this offering better results for providers or for the members we serve?

Times are changing, and there is a great opportunity to build a new, smarter, and more cooperative member acquisition model that offers greater value to all parties. Working together under proper conditions the industry can reduce marketing spend, better target the right audience, reduce ad costs and create a new marketing channel independent of ad platforms and influencers. 

Strange thought? Not when you break it down. Competition costs time, money and human capital. Sure, everyone needs to identify their brand and convey their value. But what if there was a platform with the right tools that allows every fitness and wellness membership provider regardless of size, location (virtual/physical), or niche the ability to achieve more through collaboration without sacrificing the strengths that make them unique and valuable?

As an industry, we have the perfect opportunity to grow fitness and wellness in a powerful and meaningful way both for consumers and for providers. We can change the old paradigms and we can work together to create better, lower cost, more efficient membership acquisition than ever before. What's more, we can offer our collective members (the people who rely on us for guidance and leadership in their quest for wellness) better attention to their needs via a balanced, routine focused, goal driven, commitment based strategy.

The industry is seeing some of the most amazing and inspiring innovation and perseverance ever! The resiliency and transformation of physical locations to meet the new demand, the creativity of individuals in tough situations to continue putting their health first, the dedication of trainers and health professionals to adapt, the explosion of mindfulness and fitness tech… We are truly in a period of great opportunity, and it's very exciting. Let's compete less and cooperate more. You can start at We were built for the industry. For its providers. For its members. Are you in?

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