GymWisely Now Offering Les Mills Memberships


Gymwisely is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness & wellness goals. That is why we are happy and proud to announce our partnership with Les Mills, joining them on their mission to help people fall in love with fitness. You can now access Les Mills on Demand memberships via GymWiselys rewards-based marketplace. We aim to help everyone reach and exceed their health and wellness goals, and we accomplish this by connecting you with amazing partners who know health and wellness better than anyone. Les Mills delivers! 

Building a wellness strategy

GymWisely, a bold new health and wellness membership platform that incentivizes and rewards people for doing more for their health, is excited to team up with Les Mills, the global leader in fitness. Les Mills offers over 1000 workouts, 14 programs, and training sessions lasting from 15 to 55 minutes. Challenge yourself to a variety of workouts, powered by science, and proven to get results. Choose from strength, cardio, HIIT, yoga, dance, flexibility, and more.

GymWisely partners create and offer exclusive, customized deals based on stuff you already do to live healthy. These offers incentivize you to do MORE for your wellness, not to replace what you already do. Build or extend your holistic wellness strategy at the best rates from the best providers.

Why Les Mills?

Les Mills has it all. Work out on your terms with access to over 1000+ of the world's best workouts and wellness offerings including yoga, strength, dance, cardio and more. Every Les Mills workout is scientifically designed to get you results, with a global community of world-class instructors to motivate you every step of the way - you're never alone.

Choose your 15 - 55 minute workouts from 14 programs with something for every skill level from beginner to advanced. One of the best features of LES MILLS On Demand is that it's suitable for you, no matter your fitness level. Instructors often provide variations - and you can workout at your own pace to ensure you're working hard in a safe environment.

With over 1000 different workout routines, there is something for everyone. Help yourself to one of Les Mills signature group classes, 6 week challenges or scale your own personal workout to match your fitness level.

Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, tone, and cardiovascular fitness. You can even take care of your mental wellbeing with Les Mills' mindfulness and wellness series. These guided exercises are simple in essence and scientific in nature, which makes them a great option for beginners.  

Millions of people just like you are enjoying gym-quality workouts in the convenience of their homes. Get into shape and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving amazing results by doing workouts that have helped millions get fit.

Challenge yourself to a variety of workouts, powered by science and proven to get great results. No equipment needed but you can find workouts that use weights and other equipment as well. Make Les Mills a part of your wellness strategy at