Help Your Dad Invest In His Health With These Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers-Day Photo from Unsplash

With Father's Day right around the corner, a lot of us (myself included!) might be scrambling to find the perfect gift. And boy, can it be stressful!

Most years, you might get your dad the traditional dress tie and a pair of nice dress socks to go with it.

But if you want to think outside the box and do something different for your old man this year, GymWisely is here to help.

Whether your dad is already into fitness, looking to get in shape, or just needs a little push from you to get the fitness ball rolling in his life, GymWisely offers an array of wellness memberships that can help your dad live an active, healthy lifestyle.

So, if you feel like you're up against the clock, or just want to do something a little different this year, don't stress! 

You can still do something special for the man who used to check under your bed for monsters every night.

Here are some gift ideas from us here at GymWisely: 


Want some convenience for your dad when it comes to getting in shape and staying fit?

You might want to consider a FORTË subscription, which brings the fitness experience right to him.

With Forte, your dad will have access to live and on-demand workout classes from leading boutique studios all across the United States (such as New York, Miami, Boston, etc).

And its wide variety of workout classes covers all of your dad's fitness needs, so he can mix and match based on his goals…From HIIT, Running, and Strength Training, to Boxing, Martial Arts, and TRX.

If your dad just wants to just relax, unwind, or maybe relieve some stress after a long day, FORTË offers yoga, pilates, and meditation classes too. 

Some of FORTË's popular workout classes include: PUNCH, Tabata, and Core Carver, just to name a few.


If you could go to one app for all your fitness needs, how quickly would you sign up?

Look no further than Openfit, where your dad can get all his fitness needs--from workouts to nutrition, and even community support--in just one app on his phone. 

Whether he wants to lose a little weight, tone up, increase his endurance, or just relieve some stress, Openfit has something your dad is sure to enjoy. Workout categories include:

    • Cardio + HIIT
    • Strength Training
    • Kickboxing
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
And when it comes to the actual workouts themselves, your dad will have the option to take classes led by trainers in real time, who will guide him through each workout.

You know your dad though, and if he'd rather workout on his own time without a trainer, that's okay too. Openfit offers structured workout programs that can fit any schedule, and most workouts can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Let's not forget about nutrition. Because with any fitness plan, nutrition is a big part of seeing results. 

But it can be a real struggle knowing exactly what to eat though, can't it?

Luckily, Openfit takes the guesswork out of nutrition by providing a customized meal plan and shopping lists… So your dad can spend less time worrying about what to eat and more time working toward his fitness goals! 


If digging deep and pushing toward new heights with challenging workouts is something that excites your dad, then AARMY might be the perfect gift idea for him.

In-person classes can be scheduled at either of their two HQ locations in NYC or LA.

But if you want to workout on your own schedule, their on-demand library is full of workouts that are sure to challenge your old man and keep him progressing on his fitness journey.

The two workout programs AARMY currently has available (more coming soon!) are designed to help your dad unlock his inner-athlete and reach his full fitness potential.

Imagine the strength and conditioning workout of an athlete. A program filled with challenging workouts designed to help your dad improve his strength, endurance, and agility. 

That's the Bootcamp workout in a nutshell! 

While you may want some equipment for this workout (such as weights or resistance bands), not to worry. All exercises can be modified for what you do have.

The other workout program AARMY offers is Cycle.

Admittedly, an indoor cycling back is necessary for this workout. But if your dad does have one, he can expect a workout that will challenge him to dig deep both mentally and physically! 

Like AARMY says on their website..."Come ready to climb, sprint, lift, ride to the beat and trust your inner athlete."

Wrapping Things Up

And there you have it, some gift ideas just in case you want to do something a little different for Father's Day this year.

Can't decide on just one?

That's okay, you don't have to.  Here at GymWisely, you can stack multiple wellness memberships on top of each other to create the ultimate health and fitness plan for your dad.