5 Tips to Help you Build Self-Confidence Through Working Out

5 Tips to Help you Build Self-Confidence Through Working Out

Enter your text here ...Give life even the briefest moment, and it will find a way to throw a change, a challenge, or some kind of stressful situation at you. It's a basic guarantee of living. But having self-confidence and a firm belief in what you're capable of, and what you know you can do can help you weather any storm.

Building self-confidence through a healthy workout and exercise routine will help you grow and develop as a person, professional, and whatever else you need to be. But more than any of that, it will boost the full scope of your life. Confidence that can last is the confidence you earn, one workout at a time.

 Take back your life, one workout at a time

More often than not, life throws things at you that blindside you, and make you feel like you have absolutely no control or say in what's going on at all. So, when these things happen, what can you do? Sometimes nothing. That's why it's important to hit pause, take a step back and figure out what actions you can take next to either change how you understand the challenge or rethink your approach altogether.

"In simpler terms, making time for some sweat in your schedule won't just give you those physical gains -- it'll provide you with incredible and long-lasting [brain gains]." 

elitedaily.com, A 30-Minute Workout Can Improve Your Self-Image, According to a New Study

 When you hit pause, you don't have to sit on your butt though. In fact, a better way to work out a problem and to take back that much-needed sense of control is to give your mind a rest and exercise your body. It doesn't have to be much to make a big impact either. Just enough to get your body in motion and even better if you get your heart beating too.

 Change your mood

 Another great benefit to a good workout is its mood-boosting qualities. The right workout can help you face and overcome any number of bad moods, worrying times, or outright fear in one situation or another.

"Exercise not only has a positive impact on our physical health, but it can also increase our self-esteem." (mentalhealth.org.uk, How to Look After Your Mental Health Using Exercise | Mental Health Foundation)

So, while you're taking back control of your life and circumstance, you're also adding a bonus layer of feel-good mood to help you look at your challenging situation and obstacles, whatever they may be, with fresh eyes and better clarity as well.

Sweat out the stress 

It takes a lot of energy to be worried, stressed out, or to deal with a lot of stress. What if you flipped the script and diverted all that energy toward some challenging exercise, made yourself sweat it out a bit, and see how you felt on the other side of that?

"It is recommended that the average adult should do between 75 and 150 minutes of exercise a week" (mentalhealth.org.uk, How to Look After Your Mental Health Using Exercise | Mental Health Foundation)

It's a win-win to use exercise as a means to help you deal with stress and tension. Your body craves and needs the exercise, needs the challenge of a good workout. And, on the other hand, your mind needs the escape, needs somewhere to pour all of that extra energy. Plus, it rewards you with endorphins when you do.

"Of course, mental wellbeing does not mean being happy all the time, and it does not mean that you won't experience negative or painful emotions, such as grief, loss, or failure, which are a part of normal life. However, whatever your age, being physically active can help you to lead a mentally healthier life and can improve your wellbeing."

Mentalhealth.org.uk, How to Look After Your Mental Health Using Exercise | Mental Health Foundation

Finding a healthy balance of mental wellbeing is no guarantee of feeling good all of the time. And neither is exercise. But, committing to these kinds of habits will certainly help you have more win — days where the smiles come easier, and the worry has less of a bite. And that is definitely worth it, and certainly something worth striving for.

 Motion feeds motivation

Sometimes, all you need to do is find somewhere in your life you can put a little motion behind. The very act of movement itself tells your mind and body that you're going to push through things, that you're going to find a way to keep moving forward. This is essential to a healthy mind that is focused on positive thinking and next-level living.

Trying to come up with an idea? Nothing beats a good walk, or any other aerobic exercise that gets your heart beating and your body moving. It's as if the act of movement acts as a trigger to your mind to help it loosen up whatever is blocking it or getting in the way until it too can find some forward momentum.

 Being healthy is the ultimate confidence booster

In the end, nothing beats the confidence that comes with knowing you're making healthy choices and, as a result, are healthier for it. You carry yourself differently, no matter how far along the journey you may or may not be. You feel different, and the more you exercise, the more you build the rhythms and patterns of this healthy habit, the more confident you will discover you have become.

The ultimate confidence booster is knowing you are healthier. Nothing can beat that, and nothing can quiet an otherwise anxious or worried mind. Whatever challenges you face, work it out with a solid workout. It'll carry you far and help you much more confident doing so.