4 ways to stay active this winter


This winter, your fitness routine may look a little different. It's important to find ways to stay active, even with shortened days and colder temperatures. Here's four ways you can stay fit and prevent your workouts from starting to feel monotonous:

  1. GET OUT IF YOU CAN: Even if the weather is less than ideal, it can be extremely beneficial to get outside occasionally for your runs, or even walks! It's important to be aware that colder temperatures are actually harder on your cardiovascular system and conditions such as high blood pressure can be worsened in more extreme weather conditions. Simple practices, such as an adequate warm up and cool down, as well as layering appropriately, are even more important in the winter months. If it feels like you're losing interest in your usual running or walking routine, or are just looking for a little more structure, try a guided walk or run! (open fit?)
  1. STAY SANE: Arguably the most important thing you can do to take care of yourself is to be aware of your mental health! Practicing mindfulness or yoga and meditation can be a great addition to your routine this winter, as well as a way to stay healthy and active right at home (synctuition?)
  1. GET SOCIAL: If you're looking to keep up the intensity of your usual routine without leaving the comfort of your living room, consider trying some guided workout courses! Either with free weights/other at home equipment, or just your body weight, you can stream live workout classes right to your device at home, and without taking up very much space or time (Sweat, Pvolve, etc)
  1. TAKE A CHANCE: Use any extra free time you might have to try something completely new! One of the best things you can do if your routine is starting to feel mundane, or you just want to shake things up, is to do something you've never tried before. Thanks to fully virtual classes and instructors, you could take up a new dance class, a rowing machine workout, kickboxing, or anything else you've always wanted to experiment with, but that your usual in-person gym maybe wasn't able to offer!

Now you can stay active in more ways than ever. Check them out at GymWisely.com!