Why partner with Achiaro?

Why partner with Achiaro?

There's certainly no shortage of membership acquisition and retention apps and services out there and I'm sure you've tried and / or are probably using some right now. You might be asking, what makes Achiaro any different?

Well, we built Achiaro specifically to make a huge improvement for the industry and our partners over existing apps that end up being less than perfect at generating loyal, consistent memberships without cannibalizing or de-valuing your core offers. We thought it was time to re-create member acquisition and retention from the ground up with a loyalty based platform that incentivizes people to DO MORE for their wellness rather than do and spend less. With Achiaro members spending more and getting more, EVERYONE WINS, consumers AND providers.

To look at how we do this specifically, we'll address the 4 questions wellness providers ask us the most when considering to team up with us.

We already have services that claim to boost our revenue and retention. Why should we add another one?

  • New Memberships, Markets & Revenue: We are the only platform where you create unique loyalty memberships with special terms and pricing to sell as incentives to members of other services to use your brands' offerings as often as possible. Sell the right membership to the right consumer
  • Lower Acquisition Costs: Our loyalty-based platform is free to join, more efficient to market with better conversions thanks to our ingenious business model, collaborative network, trusted partners, and patent-pending technology. We pass those savings on to you and provide a less costly performance-based solution. Reduce your costly ad spend elsewhere also as you grow with us! 
  • Passive Revenue: In addition to your new revenue from your own Loyalty Memberships, earn passive revenue on anything loyalty reward purchased by one of your members. No other solution provides this kind of diversified passive income.
  • No Cannibalization: We never incentivize any of your members to drop to lower-cost plans OR to switch to another provider. Our technology prohibits this behavior and focuses on retention and long-term value.
  • No Bundling: Your service doesn't get lost in a bundled package of services. Your members will be committed to your specific value.
  • No class offerings or drop-ins: We are purely membership-based. Any specific class bookings or additional upsells are done through YOUR portals, not ours.

Our brand doesn't offer discounted memberships as part of our policy… Wouldn't Achiaro be doing just that?

  • No. We don't offer discounts to everyone. Many of our partners choose to create entirely new memberships with special terms and pricing. These offers can be accessed ONLY by individuals that meet the requirements that you set. We're not discounting your core services, we're personalizing experiences so they make sense for everyone.
  • Flexibility and Control: We have client success managers that work with you to maximize revenues, retention, and profits but you can change prices, terms, audience, and visibility (turn them on / off) as you like to correspond with your capacity, internal campaigns or other business needs.

Why should we offer Loyalty Rewards to our members?

  • You earn revenue from them. Earn a recurring revenue stream on loyalty rewards purchased by your members. Wouldn't you rather earn money on stuff they are already looking to do anyway? Diversify your revenue into other areas of wellness without the cost. 
  • Retention: Become the hub of your members' wellness experience and the seller of their additional wellness needs. Your members know what else is out there… With you selling them at the best rates, there is truly no reason to leave.
  • Offerings: Improve your overall offering to current and potential members with services you don't offer and/or locations you do not serve.\
  • Healthier, Happier Members: Healthier members that are achieving goals are happier members. Happier members stay longer and tell their network about their experiences.
  • No-Risk: Loyalty Rewards expire when / if someone cancels your membership so there is never any incentive to switch from your membership, only to add to it.

Our current strategy is working fine... Why do we need Achiaro?

  • Continue to sell your core services as you like - Achiaro Loyalty Rewards do not interfere with your current offerings or other apps that sell your existing classes, memberships, subscriptions etc. We simply offer a way to still generate revenue from those folks that choose to purchase other stuff instead and keep all of your members with you for longer. Since we don't compete with any of your current acquisition strategies, we're just adding more to what already works. And who doesn't like more?