What is Achiaro?


Holistic, Affordable, Membership Based Wellness from Achiaro

Achiaro is a loyalty rewards platform that incentivizes people to do more for their overall wellbeing. Wellness providers (Gyms, studios, products, apps, services) offer personalized, non-public terms and pricing to you based on stuff you already do to stay healthy - the more you do, the more you save. Achiaro partners create the perfect deal for you to add their services to your existing wellness routine! Its our mission to provide a platform where wellness enthusiasts can build a holistic, health first wellness strategy composed of multiple providers affordably. 

We're living in an age where everyone wants to live healthier, but the process of achieving that is complex and expensive when you're getting wellness and health services from a variety of sources and subscriptions. We're removing the barriers to wellness by making it easy and affordable for users to do more for their wellness while saving time and money.

How does it work?  

Using Achiaro is kind of like negotiating directly with every provider to instantaneously get the best membership for your lifestyle.

Achiaro partners create personalized memberships based on what you already do. So, get that partial Gym Membership as an add-on to your Yoga Studio membership. Work that meditation program you've been contemplating into your schedule. Add kickboxing, rock climbing, rowing, pilates, barre, cycling, meditation, or other services to your open-gym membership. Create a hybrid experience by adding a virtual fitness app. Add health trackers, sleep apps, meditation apps, virtial doctors, at home products and more to your existing wellness routine to make your lifestyle even more holistically healthy!

You get the idea… The more you do, the more you save!

How do I get started? 

Head to Achiaro.com and see if your current fitness, mindfulness or health club, app, product or service is an Achiaro partner. If they are, you're golden!  Register with us using your current provider as an entry point to see what cool wellness offers you are already eligible for! 

What makes us different? 

Our exclusive, non-public product, app and wellness service memberships are custom tailored to offer you the right membership at the right price. Personalization can save you up to 75% off the publicly offered pricing! 

Achiaro is ideal for those looking to use or do more than one thing for their wellness consistently. Wellness as a lifestyle? That's us in a nutshell.

Offerings: Achiaro can offer the most robust wellness offerings available. Anything from, traditional gyms, boutique studios, luxury clubs, and mindfulness centers, to virtual fitness and mindfulness, including home fitness products, wearable tech, nutrition, virtual doctors, biobanking analysis and more!

Personalization: Our partners' memberships are personalized to perfectly fit your needs. We can deliver better savings because we are not just changing the price of our partners' existing plans, we are creating your brand new memberships with terms and pricing instantaneously negotiated just for you.

Cost: There is no cost to join Achiaro and being membership based, our exclusive gym and studio memberships cost less than classes or drop ins if you plan on using that service routinely (usually 3 or more times per month).

Flexibility: Change, add, cancel memberships anytime. Routine is key, but everyone needs a change every now and then. Manage all of your services and entire wellness plan on Achiaro. Create a routine from flexible options!

Simplicity: Manage your entire wellness strategy in one place, for less.

Interested? Check us out today to see what offers are waiting for you! Get healthier, stay healthier. Achiaro.com.