Discovering the Principles of Flow


FlowCode offers coaching professionals a revolutionary approach to training clients & groups into a heightened experience of flow. The Flowcode was created by a group of international experts from psychology, kinesiology & flow state as well as many other areas of expertise who joined their vast experience in an effort to create a vast collection of simplified principles, rules & interventions that are proven to facilitate the state of flow in different circumstantial setups. FlowCode's underlying principles, established formulas & intervention channels are providing a scientific & practical backbone for understanding what flow state is & how it works. These principles are available to anyone who wishes to boost their overall potential and live within a meaningful and fulfilling mindset, experience freedom and transcend in ways never even dreamt of.

Flow is a state in which the person performing an activity is fully immersed, experiencing the feeling of energized focus, complete involvement and deep enjoyment. The state of flow, or being "in the zone", is the ultimate state, the most desirable state you want to be in. It is the foundation for deep inner peace & sense of empowerment.

By applying flow triggers, our brainwaves are directed toward the Alpha-theta wave bridge, which creates conditions for entering the flow state. You need to deactivate first, empty the full glass to become more present & activated into the optimal state. FlowCode effectively produces the experience of flow states through a unique blend of interventions with a mind blowing array of health & mental benefits, increasing your focus & deep presence & giving you tools to perform better mentally & physically at all levels.

As a member of the Flow Education Alliance and by becoming a FlowCoach, you gain automatic access to the FlowHub® Pro & FlowHub® 7 app portals, your main coaching support tools. It enables you to convey to your clients concrete techniques on how to hack the flow with the help of ready made interventions & programs. You will have access to over 700 Flow triggers & programs that you can utilize to create your own programs, and work with clients online. 

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