GymWisely partners with GoodCell


GymWisely is overjoyed to announce its partnership with GoodCell! GoodCell's goal is to give every person control over their health by providing access to a science-backed, technology-forward platform that decodes the common language of our cells and extends the quality of life for individuals, their families and all of humankind.

If you don't already have a fitness membership, GoodCell allows you to extend and improve the quality of your life through technology powered by your own cells. If you already have a membership somewhere else, aspire to live your healthiest life possible with GoodCell at GymWisely's exclusive rates. 

Become empowered with GoodCell Personal BioBanking and discover key indicators to inform the best actions for your health.

We store your cells, DNA, and blood plasma for when you need them the most, measure genetic risk and track your health over time.

Assess the quality of your cells and potential for any health risks with GoodCell Diagnostics.