GymWisely Launches Loyalty Program for Wellness Providers


In keeping with our mission to deliver the wellness industry smarter, no cost, member acquisition and retention solutions, we're proud to announce the GymWisely Loyalty Program!

Fitness, Health & Mindfulness providers (Gyms, Studios, Apps, Services and Products) can now use white labeled, dynamically populated loyalty pages to:

A) Create new, exclusive, non-public memberships that are dynically sold to wellness enthusiasts spending pre-defined amounts on other services.

B) Boost retention and create new revenue streams by becoming the "Hub" of your members entire wellness strategy.



Get your customized memberships in front of millions of targeted wellness enthusiasts interested in doing more and incentivize them to do so with your products and services..


Sell the right membership to the right audience every time. Create personalized offers with terms and pricing that make sense for your business and each consumers wellness strategy.

Never miss an opportunity to add a dedicated member again and never undersell your services to consumers that prioritize your brand first. 


Use your white labeled Loyalty Rewards experience to offer your members amazing, non-public offers and become the hub of your members entire wellness journey.


Our partners include Gyms, Boutique Studios, Fitness and Mindfulness Apps, Wearables, At Home Products, Nutrition and Health Services, Virtual Doctors, Biometrics Services and more. Include them all or choose them selectively for your own Loyalty Program. The more partners you include, the better your retention and revenue! 


Pricing, terms, and defined audiences can be adjusted at any time. Memberships can be paused at will and new memberships can be added whenever the need arises. This is your platform and can be used and tweaked to continuosly improve.


We made it impossible for your current members to drop down to a lesser value membership and we never incentivize anyone to cancel their existing membership(s).

Our Loyalty Program exists to incentivize people to do more for their wellness, not to have them drop one membership for another. 


Wellness marketing is getting pricier and more competitive while conversions are declining. Wouldn't a new, no cost, collaborative marketing channel that reaches millions of wellness enthusiasts with existing recurring memberships be awesome? We think so.


Nothing upfront. Providers pay a small revenue share for memberships sold through our loyalty program. Combined with the retention benefits, new loyalty sales revenue and diminishing rev share tiers, the program works to reduce your cost of acquisition to near zero!


Give your members more and get paid to do it without risk. Your Loyalty Page delivers you rev share on every membership dollar generated from it. 

If a member cancels your membership they lose any rewards purchase from your loyalty page. 


The current industry standard is to offer steep discounts through expensive platforms to attract new people that may become members OR offer no discounts and lose out on those committed, high valued members that would love to use your services in addition to their "go to" solution. 

GymWiselys program finds the common ground and maximizes the value from every member while never de-valuing your services or distracting from your top offers.


Memberships are simply the best solution for both consumer wellness and provider revenue. For members, flexibility in what you do, when you do it and where you do it are paramount, of course. However, without working wellness into your lifestyle, and executing on your own personal goals and using some form of repetition, wellness goals are likely to be left stuck in the mud.

On the flip side, recurring memberships help providers to maximize revenues over time, create dedicated members that use their services and are more likely to do other "stuff" and are easy to forecast and build upon to ensure a long term, predictable business strategy. 


Get invaluable monthly insights into consumer interests, market trends, pricing behavior and more. Use this data to better hone your marketing strategy on GymWisely and beyond.

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