Gymwisely Partners with Synctuition


GymWisely is thrilled to announce its partnership with Synctuition! Synctuition is the ultimate program for deep relaxation that will clear your mind from any negativity, stress, and anxiety.

If you don't already have a fitness membership, Synctuition is the perfect way to wash away your daily problems and worries, prepare your mind for sweet dreams, and keep your mind healthy and young. If you already have a membership somewhere else, add the most popular relaxation program in the world to your fitness routine at GymWisely's exclusive rates. 


  • Unique self-discovery journeys for better sleep, lower stress, reduced anxiety and much more
  • Exclusive access to all levels- over 1500 minutes of magical journeys personalized just for you!
  • Get all the benefits of 4 hours of deep meditation in just 25 minutes a day

... and more!