3 Key Advantages to Becoming a GymWisely Partner

3 Key Advantages to Becoming a GymWisely Partner Photo from mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

You're increasing ad-spend, offering reduced rates to everyone (or holding steadfast at one rate for everyone) and doing everything else under the sun to sway people from other serfices to yours... and so are all of your competitors.  

Meanwhile consumers have made it loud and clear that wellness is a lifestyle. As such, wellness can no longer be solved on by any single provider, but rather, wellness is a collection of those providers that offer something special to every person. 

This shift in the health and fitness industry can be a great opportunity fro providers, as long as you're prepared for it. So, let me ask you this...

Do you have a plan for reaching consumers who have multiple interests when it comes to their health and fitness?

If you answered no, don't stress. GymWisely has your back.

Our cooperation over competition business model could be just the solution you're looking for.

In this article, we're going to walk through what joining GymWisley could mean for your business and take a look at some of the key advantages:

Drive More Revenue From New Markets

Just to give a brief rundown of the GymWisely model:

    1. At prices you set, we'll sell your standard memberships or services. More or less, these standard plans and rates are what you already offer to customers out in the market today.
    2. Then, on top of your standard services, we'll come in and create new plans with customized pricing exclusive to GymWisely.
Now, just imagine this all too common scenario in today's health and fitness landscape… Person X budgets $50 to spend on their health and fitness each month. 

Let's say they're already spending $35 on a virtual fitness membership but there are some days when they want an in-person gym to go to.

How can you bridge the gap between what they budget each month for their health and wellness and what they have leftover?

Rather than miss out on that potential customer altogether, our patent-pending technology at Gym Wisely identifies those customers who are making purchases with our other partners. 

To incentivize them to add your service on top of what they already have, we offer them plans with the exclusive terms and rates we've created.

With this strategy, you're able to maximize your revenue by reaching more people and target a market you weren't able to before.

No cannibalization  

So, you have your services you're currently selling out there in the market.

And then you have services you're selling through GymWisely.

All things equal, I think it's only natural for consumers to go with the lowest-priced option when making a purchase.

So at this point, you might be asking yourself...

Well, what would stop someone from canceling the memberships they already have with you and buying lower-priced options of your own services through GymWisely?

Our technology prevents this from happening. There's only an incentive for consumers to add on to what they already have, not reduce it.

Boost Retention

Let's play a little game of would you rather…. Because who doesn't like that game?

Would you rather:

       A.) Compete with the bajillions of other health and wellness services out there and risk losing out on potential business?

       B.) Boost your retention rates by making your services an important piece of your consumers' holistic wellness plan?

Just a hunch, but I have a feeling most of you went with B...

But that's exactly what GymWisely is all about. 

Instead of competition, we're all about working together to navigate the consumer shift toward a balanced wellness plan with multiple pieces and parts.

Teamwork makes the dream work. And when we work together, we all benefit.

Key Takeaways 

These days, people are looking to get more out of their health and fitness plans.

The single membership model might soon be a thing of the past as consumers start looking for a more holistic wellness approach.

Is your business prepared for this shift?

If there was some hesitation in your answer, consider becoming a partner with GymWisely.

We're here to help you reach new markets, boost customer retention, and maximize your revenue!

 Learn more about partnering with GymWisely today! Book a quick demo OR learn more about GymWisely.