GymWisely is now! Same great platform, more holistic, loyalty based options...


Why the change? 

We wanted our name to reflect the holistic nature of our wellness loyalty rewards platform and the breadth of services we offer to our consumers. Achiaro, the root of which means light, is looking to illuminate the path to affordable, health-first, holistic wellness for members while generating more revenue, higher retention, lower costs and strategic insights for wellness providers.

What's different? 

The main change is that Achiaro is now only accessible to members of participating fitness, mindfulness and health clubs, apps, products and services. We're growing faster than ever and evolving to meet the specific needs of all our wellness partners, from big box gyms, to boutique studios to meditation apps and even biobanking and telehealth services.

This small tweak has allowed us to perfect the technology that powers our smart matching algorithms, improve our data analytics offerings and super charge our marketing capabilities. We're now a self-contained wellness ecosystem that incentivizes our partners members to do more with special rewards. Everyone wins.

We're ready to utilize our new tools, technology, reach and collaborative ecosystem to turbo charge revenues for all of our partners like never before.

What stays the same? 

Pretty much everything else. Our partners still create unique memberships with special terms and pricing on Achiaro and offer them to predefined audiences. We'd never walk away from a game-changing model like that.

We still crush retention goals by turning our partners into the hub of their members' entire wellness strategy and the seller of all of their members' wellness solutions.

Oh, and don't worry, you can still join for free & change your pricing and terms anytime.

Most importantly, we're still offering consumers a routine based, goal oriented platform to build holistic wellness from the best providers. Personalization via Achiara leads to healthier consumers AND providers.

Still curious?

Learn more about us HERE.