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After facing multiple struggles with his gym-routine, Rick Annichiarico got an idea. Sitting on an incline machine at a gym he didn’t love, but was conveniently located for his work commute, the idea of GymWisely popped into his head. “I thought: Wouldn’t it be great to have other options at other gyms? This one is convenient for coming home from work but I’d love to have other options on the weekends.” He quickly realized this was a dilemma that plagued many fitness enthusiasts nationwide and set off to solve it. Meanwhile, Brian Weber, a gym owner and fitness enthusiast, spent years dodging sales pitch after sales pitch for platforms and apps that ultimately didn't provide a return on investment or add value to his members' experience. Initially, he blew Rick off when he reached out, "I thought he was selling me another app that distracts my customers with discounts and deals.” Fast forward three months later, Brian checked in to see how GymWisely was coming along out of pure curiosity when he realized how revolutionary the platform was. "I loved that partnering with GymWisely would allow me to capture additional revenue from new markets, not distract my current members with complicated offerings or discounts, and would cost me nothing to integrate," he said. As a gym owner, Brian was most excited that GymWisely gave him the ability to funnel prospects into segments based on their buying tendencies. The platform enables him to promote and sell the best membership specific to those tendencies to increase revenue – without risking or paying a fee. Eventually, Brian realized how much GymWisely would help all fitness clubs and studios and partnered with Rick as a Co-Founder. The two now lead a team dedicated to enhancing the health and fitness experience of members, growing gyms, and studios. Interested in registering your gym or studio? Let’s talk. {loadposition myposition}
The age-old question that circles back time and time again – How do we retain the member that wants to leave? While the Fitness Industry is recording explosive growth overall, turnover is up as well. With so many options out there and an endless desire from consumers to try new and exciting experience, retention is at the forefront of every owner’s brain. Sure, there is an influx of drop ins, day passes, discounted classes etc. but it’s becoming harder to hold on to those recurring memberships. Luckily, there are some simple and creative ways to tackle this. Are you collecting the right data? If a member wants to leave, are you asking them why? REALLY asking? Typically, members will look to leave because: They found a better location They need to reduce their monthly expenses They found a facility they like better They want to try a new experience altogether. On their “exit interview” make sure to drill down until you they touch on one of these bullets. Determine what they like and did not like about your Gym or Studio – REALLY liked and didn’t like. Make sure the customer knows that any input / feedback would be extremely helpful in creating the best experience possible for your members. If someone has decided to become a member of your establishment in the first place, chances are the likes outweigh the dislikes. LISTEN to your members. Depending on their replies, you can offer them a different package, throw in some free services for a couple of weeks so they can compare any new club experience they may have with what they had at your club (the grass isn’t always greener). Offering prolonged discounts directly is never a good idea – it would only encourage other members to do the same. You can talk about upcoming improvements that relate to their concerns, such as: new equipment remodeling new trainers / classes / amenity changes planned for the future as well any planned new locations in the works The best defense is a good offense. Meaning, be proactive. Get feedback from your trainers and support staff, talk to people at your locations, have trainers looking for people that a need a spot and ask regularly to spark interaction, offer new exercise options to your regulars, send surveys to gauge your member satisfaction and actively seek advice on improvements. Remember, the cost of acquisition through traditional marketing methods is much higher than retaining a current member. Customized Partial Memberships - If they do like your Gym or Studio but still wish to leave for any of the above reasons, why not offer them a partial membership through GymWisely? Instead of an unlimited membership at price X, offer them the same terms at price Y for 5, 10 , 15 or 20 days a month. You can maintain the relationship, keep them attending your location, continue receiving revenue all while they have moved their unlimited plan to try out somewhere else. This is a tough program to implement on your own -you can’t just offer partial memberships to the market at large – You’d compromise your entire business model! Enter GymWisely – offers Gyms and Studios the ability to offer Customized Partial Memberships to a controlled market – FOR FREE. GymWisely pre-qualifies members and only allows them to gain access to Customized Partial Memberships when they are signed up and paying for a different gym or studio of equal or greater value. At its most basic level, any Gymwisely partner can create, control and offer customized partial MEMBERSHIPS to people that are members of other clubs. Gymwisely allows its partners to control all plan pricing and terms AND the market that these plans can be offered to. If your serious about retention, learn more about HERE. {loadposition myposition}
With so many exciting things coming up, I’ve taken the advice of close friends and mentors to reflect on the greatest years of my life so far. It would take me weeks to talk about every person and moment that I cherish, but a Facebook post will do for now. I started ProMethod (aka: Legacy Athletics) in 2015 to bring people together and inspire them to get the most out of life. Our incredible team has achieved so much over the years, and now we have our sights set on even bigger goals. Our family is growing with smart, talented people who will help steer this ever-evolving ship in the right direction. I started off dedicated to improve one client’s life, which turned into me opening Legacy and helping thousands of people (and I won’t stop until I can affect millions of lives around the world in a positive way). More on that later–Stay tuned! I am so unbelievably lucky to have the best parents and supportive family who made it possible for me to attack my goals and continue to live my life with no regrets. I was pushed to never give up, and learned so much from my incredible family, friends and girlfriend (at the time) throughout the years. I am so unbelievably grateful for every person who has walked through our doors, from members who have become best friends, employees who I admire greatly, even to those that doubted me. We tend to become who we surround ourselves with, and these blessings in my life definitely shaped who I am. Every day I wake up motivated to make all of these people proud, and make sure they know the positive impact they have on my life will never go to waste. Now, incredibly, people ask me for advice all the time. My response is always pretty simple. Life, business, relationships, are a lot easier than we think. We have to stop complicating all of it. Don’t believe that your problems are worse than anyone else’s. Be grateful for the good and the bad times – the struggles and the wins. Never give up on something just because society’s norms tell you you can’t or. Don’t let someone make you believe you can’t do something. Decide to do the things that make you happy, and then DO THEM. Stay open minded and always be willing to learn. Define what fulfillment means to you, and don’t get distracted by noise. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins along the way, small and large! Stay humble, work hard, never give up, and you’ll get there. Be grateful every day that you can breathe, see, touch, feel, and spend time with loved ones, and don’t wait too long to show your gratitude towards those you love. Don’t be an agitator. Don’t be selfish. Help others out without looking for something in return - not everyone is as lucky as you! Life is about making an impact in the world, seeking fulfillment, living your passion, exploring every opportunity, and not being afraid of taking it close to the edge sometimes. That is where the most exciting and unforgettable stuff happens! A big thank you to all of you! In summary, don’t let life just pass you by, BUILD YOUR LEGACY! {loadposition myposition}
Let’s face it, the list of options out there for fitness enthusiasts to choose from is growing exponentially. This is a good thing for everyone! It means, overall, we are becoming more interested in healthy habits, utilizing gyms and studios more frequently and seeking creative ways to become mentally and physically fit. With the increase in fitness diversity and niche boutiques comes the technological advances in marketing innovation and strategies to drive members toward both large gym chains and new boutiques. The evolution of the app-based fitness engagement has been a bit of a double-edged sword to date for many owners: Get more new members in the door but lower your overall revenue & retention per member. This can make the experience seem more like a marketing cost then a true revenue generator. Without doubt, these apps do work wonders in inspiring new members to seek out new experiences and they will and should continue to do so. But converting them to real memberships and preserving brand value? That’s where things get tricky. There are a lot of metrics to consider when evaluating what’s right for a club(s) short term and long-term goals and what 3 rd party services, if any make sense. So, owners and execs will ask: Have we looked at conversion rates closely? Have we truly evaluated the risks to core businesses of implementing new apps? Of members using apps, how many could we have reached through other means? How long does it take people to use all visits in our “package deals”? How many package or drop in purchasers convert to memberships? Is our average per person revenue predictable, stable and growing? Is our overall retention rate increasing with 3 rd party app usage? Are we giving unlimited plan members an incentive to choose lower cost options? Do we control the prices offered to the market? Do we control the market that different options are offered to? If you’re an owner or executive and don’t know the answer to these questions or don’t like the answers you have, there are alternatives out there that can help. Using the right apps will obviously have the right impact and NO, all 3 rd party apps are NOT the same. As a starting point consider your current membership base. Are we a new and growing Gym or Studio that needs to get people in the door? Are we an established brand that is constantly opening new locations? Are we looking to grow only if there is zero risk to our current operations? Are we at capacity? Are we only in need of members during off-peak times or can you welcome new members across the board? Are we interested in using an app to gain memberships but worried about devaluing our current brand and / or price points? All of these questions will weigh heavy on your marketing, lead gen and membership registration AND retention strategies. There is a new option out there that was built to answer clearly all of the above questions in a manner that benefits the gyms and studios while still providing a superior member experience. The company is called . GymWisely founders worked with Gym, Studio and Chain owners and executives (the co-founder is a gym owner himself) to craft a solution that: Adds recurring memberships from day 1 Protects current revenue streams Prohibits incentivizing members to drop primary memberships for lower cost options Dramatically increases retention Boosts customer satisfaction Leaves pricing and terms to the fitness clubs Controls the market that various services can be offered to Delivers a solution that creates a happier, healthier and more dedicated community Allows for the ability to publish and unpublish or alter plans in an instant Interested in trying us out risk free? Check us out at {loadposition myposition}
There is no shortage of options out there for the health-conscious fitness consumer, that’s for certain. Whether you love an organized, high intensity group burn, a solo open gym power lift or a mind settling yoga experience you can find it, I’m sure. However, this can get pricey! Drop ins and packages are expensive! And if you’re trying to achieve a goal, repetition is DEFINITELY the way to go. One platform that manages all of your memberships and provides a cost effective solution would be ideal! So, what’s a fitness junky to do? Well. If you live in NYC, Westchester or Northern New Jersey, there’s . GymWisely offers users the ability to purchase multiple memberships under one simple plan. Just buy or proven to own ONE unlimited access plan at your most frequently used Gym or Studio and use it to get access to Limited Memberships at other Gyms and Studios! Why would you want to use memberships over drop ins or class packages? Simple! If you plan on using a gym or studio at least (on average) twice a month, you’ll be paying up to 50% LESS than purchasing the equivalent visits via a package or day pass. Also, if you are looking to be sociable, get inspired through working out with like-minded people and enjoy the overall community experience, choosing 1-4 places to work out consistently just makes sense! Are you commuting into Manhattan every day? Check out and get another Limited Access membership on the opposite end of the train! GymWisely is just launching now but new Gyms and Studios are joining every day! If you hurry, you can get $250 towards your next vacation and 5% off any limited membership . Purchase any membership before the end of the year and these gifts are yours! CHECK OUT OUR MEMBERSHIP DEALS NOW! Check back frequently - We are young and growing fast with new venues added all the time! {loadposition myposition}
For years, Brian Weber had been thinking of new ways to grow his gym. How could he make processes more efficient? Were there any opportunities to streamline operations? He was tired of doing things the way so many gyms had: put as much into advertising as possible and hope for the best. It wasn’t until earlier this year he found the revolutionary solution he had been looking for: GymWisely. The GymWisely way costs gyms nothing and still brings gyms dedicated members. We advertise and sell your memberships online to new markets for you, promote your services to a much larger audience, and protect your current membership revenue from discounted distractions. It’s almost like having a marketing and sales team that costs you nothing! So, what’s the secret? Our Pre-Qualifying technology finds prospects for you and maximizes revenue from every potential member. When users sign up on, they must first select at least one Primary Unlimited Membership. We promote and sell your memberships to people interested in your services. If they choose someone else’s, we can target these groups based on their customer data, such as choice of clubs and prices that they are paying and sell Custom Memberships with limited access to meet their needs. This way you can capture the most revenue possible from those who previously decided against your membership, and incentivize them to visit more often. GymWisely doesn’t distract your audience from your high-end memberships, because our pre-qualifying technology allows you to control eligibility, pricing, and targeted promotions. We are dedicated to protecting you from services that offer cheap alternatives to ALL your customers and reward inconsistency. Gym enthusiasts today customize their fitness routine based on training styles, amenities, proximity to work, and sometimes even peer pressure. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo with us today. {loadposition myposition}