A primary membership is the membership you will most likely use the most. This can be a fitness, mindfulness or health membership you already have OR you can purchase one from GymWisely at the lowest advertised rate from our partners.
An exclusive membership is a membership that our partners offer to people that already have 1 primary membership. These memberships are typically offered at greater value (up to 50% off from certain partners) than primary memberships and often include free trials as well.
Add a primary membership to your cart or tell us about a membership you already own. Then, you can access your exclusive memberships offered at special rates. Add as many memberships as you like to create your total wellness package right here, simply and affordably. 
All memberships (both Primary and Exclusive) are priced by our partners so they will vary. You can pick and choose memberships that make sense for your budget. 
Access instructions for physical and online access will be emailed to you directly after checkout. It's always simple. 
If you cancel a primary membership you will lose any discounts you received through that primary membership. You can cancel any membership (Primary or Exclusive) at any time. 
GymWisely offers virtual providers from many countries across the globe. Keep checking on physical locations as we will be adding them more and more as the COVID situation improves. . 
Most of the time, payments are made through GymWisely and your access is free at your provider(s). However, in rare instances, payment will be made through a providers payment portal.
Cancelations can be made any time through GymWisely's dashboard, by emailing us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using one of our contact forms.
GymWisely is for anyone looking to use 1 or more memberships consistently (3 or more times per month). If this is you, you will pay less than any other platform when you stack your memberships with us. 
Yes. Many of our providers do sell products along with their memberships.